St Louis students learn to slow down

Last Tuesday 60 year 13 and year 14 students attended a road safety road show in Bessbrooke in association with local radio station Cool FM along with students from other school in the local area.

The focus of the road show was to emphasis the importance of road safety to the budding young drivers of tomorrow. This was done through real life examples witnessed by the Northern Ireland Fire Service and local paramedics but presented in a fun and captivating way.

Ashling Tinnelly in Year 14 commented after the event , “The talks were very informative and the use of music helped enhance the presentation as it kept your attention on what was being said. The involvement of the radio station was really great as it made it more interesting. Overall It was a really enjoyable experience but also really hit home on the importance of road safety” This was the view of the majority of students who all agreed that these events are important to “drive home the message of road safety, especially for young people who have the least road experience as the event help extinguish any ‘it will never happen to me’ attitudes people held before.

Finance Talks for Year 14 students

Its the time of year again where Year 14 students are beginning to finalise university choices but of course as soon as university is mentioned it is soon swiftly followed by words such as tuition fees, loans and of course DEBT!

On Friday 10th February a student finance conference was held for year 14 students which informed the students on what financial help is available next year. Students were equipped with the essential knowledge need for applying for financial help next year which is a complicated process for anyone new to the world of forms and formalities to enter in to.

This talk was followed by much discussion in the common room about the new challenges next year will pose for the students. Catherine Rooney said that she feels the talk really helped to open her eyes to the costs of university however also helped her to realise that there is a lot of support she wasn’t aware of.

Business Studies workshop

For the year 11 GCSE business studies students, last Friday was a little more exciting than normal thanks to Miss McCullagh. A Young Enterprise workshop rolled through St. Louis with Vivienne Walsh from the company at the helm.

Students were given the task of setting up their own mini company with regards to a specific market sector. In groups they were able to let those creative juices flow planning, designing and creating a product, all in a day’s work for our future entrepreneurs!

Each group was given an individual task for example; one group was creating giftware whilst another was working on a high tech shower, proving the possibilities in business environments are endless! They created prototypes and were set the challenge of deciding an appropriate competitive price, promoting the item and overcoming any problems that arose along the way.

When we stopped by the students were hard at work trying to get their prototypes created for judging later in the day for the honour of winning the best company and product.
Miss McCullagh said she hoped the “Enterprise in action” workshop would, “Give students real life business situation practice and allow them to develop, learn and work whilst engaging in problem solving and decision making. It should be enjoyable!”

Going on the feedback from the year 11’s, the day most definitely lived up to these expectations!
Caitlin said, “It was fun, making the prototype was my favourite! It’s got me inspired to go into business.”
This seemed to be the view all round with both Aíne and Beth agreeing it was great fun as well as extremely beneficial for helping them understand business and to get them thinking.

I think it is safe to say, Alan Sugar, watch your back, you may have some competition for your spot as top dog in business!

Valentine’s Day Update

Orla Doyle
Our lovely Orla

One or two changes to our last report- Donal Jones actually received 13!! Yes 13 roses, we suspect Kevin Sloan was the main sender so we wish the happy couple all the best for the future!

Orla Doyle 13C received 11 roses, when questioned on who she thought they were from she replied “No comment” but an anonymous source has told us that Aaron McDonald and Ryan O’Hare may have had something to do with it.

Valentine’s Day

The year 13 COPE students did a great job today spreading the romance through their beautiful wood roses. Here are a few pics of those lucky enough to get a symbol of affection??? from their secret admirers

Half Term!!!

We are all looking forward to a couple of well-deserved days off this week- so drop us a comment and tell us what sort of things you will be doing.

All you old romantics out there will probably be aware that it is St.Valentine’s Day this week and, if you haven’t all ready noticed, there seems to be a bit of a buzz in the library??
(This is where the roses are being paid for and lots of affectionate messages are being scribbled so I hope you have ordered your roses already or your loved one may never know you care)

So, with spirits high and everyone getting ready for half-term. here’s the diary for the rest of the week:
Sadly, there’s no rest for examination students at the moment as the Home Economics GCSE Practicals are taking place in St Columban’s HS over the next couple of days, at least you can rest easy over the break knowing, that’s another one down.

Strangely, football is still very much on people’s minds with a Treanor Cup match this week- Good Luck to the team!

Our language students are in for a little art and culture when they get the opportunity to be entertained by a French Play on Wednesday afternoon.

Yr 13s have a Citizens Advice Workshop on ‘Salaries and Wages’ which will keep them up-to-date on some important and practical information about jobs.

And finally, I’d like to introduce you to the new blog editorial team; Laura, Layla and Ronan.

Our new Editorial Team
Let us know what you want to see in your pupil blog


Year 8 Golf Taster Session

On Thursday the 9th February the year 8s were treated to an introduction to golf. Each class spent an hour learning the basics of golf with the professionals. Here’s how Aine Curran 8C describes the experience.

“We met Jerry Scullion, the professional at Kilkeel Golf Club, who ran the session. We were put into groups of about 7 or 8 and we worked around each activity.

First we played golf on the Wii, I enjoyed it even though I hit a tree and my ball went flying backwards- it was quite funny.

Next we had to hit golf balls into a big blown up net. Jerry demonstrated how to grip the club and how to swing. I liked this activity although I thought that I might have broken something but miraculously didn’t.

For our final activity we were shown how to use a putter, we took it in turns to hit the balls into two targets, we also had a small competition but unfortunately I didn’t win, but, as they say “It’s the taking part that counts”

I really enjoyed the taster session, I liked working with the rest of the class and playing golf in a fun and active way! I would really encourage everyone to try golf as it is really good fun!”

Here are our tips from the session:
Learning how to putt;
1. Stand feet shoulder width apart
2. Make sure you have good balance
3. Move hands (holding club of course)from side to side (think Grandfather clock and say tick-tock)
4. Hit the ball straight into the hole!!!

Full swing for the long game
1. Use the proper grip
2. Stand as before
3. Concentrate on proper posture (bending knee to keep balance)
4. Keep your arms nice and straight
5. Swing back fully to make an “L” shape
6. Hit the ball as hard as you can (towards the hole of course)

Use the Wii to practice- at last a legitimate reason to spend time on a games console- happy days!

BT Young Scientist Award

BT Young Scientist report

On Wednesday morning we arrived at school early. Rory, Ciara, Laurence and I all squeezed into Mr. Donnelly’s car and set off forDublin. We arrived at the RDS around 11.30 and went and got registered and found our stand. We set up the project and talked to a few of the other students who were around us to get to know what their projects were about. Around 2pm we all went into the BT Arena where the competition was official opened by An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny. Around 2.30 it was over and the first round of judging began we got our judge around 4.45. We were quite nervous but we felt it went ok as we knew how it worked.

Around 5.30 we left the RDS and headed to our hotel, The Sandymount around a 5 mins walk away. We all found our rooms got dinner and went to bed for an ‘early’ night.

The next day we knew it was the big day. We had two rounds of judging around 9.30 and 3.30. Our first judge of the day went really well. We had a few members of the public around but we were really geared towards our judges. The last official judging went well and we thought we had a good chance of getting a prize.

On Friday there was no official judging but the public was in. We did quite a few demonstrations for the public and we saw a few judges around so we invited them in to have a demonstration and they all seemed impressed.

On Friday night we once again piled into the BT Arena for the awards ceremony. We hoped each time an award was announced that we would be called up. We then got to the main category awards and Laurence and Ciara won 2nd place in the junior technology category. We got to the end of the ceremony and we hadn’t won anything. We were a little disappointed but when we got back to the stand we seen we had been awarded the highly commended award. We were very happy with this but were very tired and think we didn’t mind it being over then.

Niall Quinn 10c

Rory and Niall both agree the competition was worth all the hard work


Finally- an update!

Week beginning 6th February 2012.
After a long time of observing radio silence our blog is up and running again.

Check out what’s happening around the school and hear our students’ first-hand accounts of what’s going on.

This week- as usual there’s a lot happening here at St Louis.

On Tuesday 7th February our year 13s and 14s attended a Road Safety Show in St Paul’s Bessbrook. By all accounts this was a deeply moving and worthwhile event. We’ll hear more on that later in the week.

Wednesday was to prove an extremely interesting day for those who are interested in attending the prestigious Oxford University as St Louis hosted an information session for local schools.

Thursday is a taster day for all our budding Rory McIlroys. Year 8s will get the chance to enjoy a golf taster session to make sure that anyone who wants to try this increasingly popular sport gets the opportunity to give it a go.

…finally Friday!!! After a hectic week you might think that we can take it easy but no chance. The Business Studies Department are holding a GCSE Event and there will be a year 11 football match in the afternoon.

So, at the end of another busy week we get the chance to recuperate and get ready for a final push before our half term on the 16th and 17th.

Next week we’ll have students’ views on all the events listed here and we may even have the low-down on how our ever-imaginative and romantic students will be marking the Valentine’s Day week.

Pleas feel free to include your thoughts and comments on what you see here- we always welcome feedback!

St Louis Formal 2010

Girls take on the formal

On the 3rd of September 2010 the teachers of st Louis saw their pupils in a new light. These, once pudgy little 1st years were now stunning young adults dressed to the nines in fabulous dresses…The formal was a brilliant night in which teachers and pupils were certainly able to have the craic outside the classroom. The PowerPoint presentation provided much entertainment for the evening, showing pictures of each student in their younger years with hilarious, anonymous commentary on their present day activities! Then there was the delicious three course meal of soup, steak and chocolate cake, which was greatly enjoyed by all the guests.  Once the meal and the speeches were over the disco began, which saw everyone jump to their feet and run to the dance floor to enjoy hits ranging from “Rock the boat” to YMCA. There was even a dance performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
The formal really was a fantastic way to start our final year in St.Louis; it definitely was a night to remember!

Boys take on the formal!

The formal for most is a time of stress, excitement, anticipation, hair, nails, make-up, fake tan and mayhem…for girls that is. Boys on the other hand take a simple approach to this time of madness with one word “Mummy”!!!
“Mummy here’s a list of stuff I need; shirt, tie, suit (no mad colours) shoes, rose, chocolates etc.”
“P.S If you have any change left out of that fiver I gave you get yourself something nice.”
Seriously though the formal is a fantastic night a highlight of the year so make the most of it when it comes your turn and enjoy.