Stranger Things- Believe The Hype!

Stranger things 2: Is it over hyped?

Recently, Stranger things 2 was dropped and, the heads of fans almost exploded at the sight of the notification telling them they could start watching. Last year when the show premiered people were quite slow to hop on the Stranger Things hype train, including me, but oh… how that changed.

In case that you have a life outside of Netflix and have no idea what the show is about let me give you a brief run down.

In Hawkins Indiana in around 1983, a young boy goes missing after a game of Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. The town fears the worst as they band together to find Will, they think it’s a common missing persons case where the person will never show up again and have fallen victim to some sort of hideous crime. However, this isn’t an ordinary missing persons case, Will is actually transported to a parallel dimension named the “Upside Down” by the children and the only people who can save him are those closest to him.

At the same time an unusual your girl with the strange name, Eleven, escapes from Hawkins lab (naturally this town has a mysterious, government-run lab). She has been experimented on ever since she was a baby as she is incredibly gifted. She can manipulate objects with her mind, in one episode she flipped a car which blew my mind. This backstory was inspired by true events (the experimenting on people that is, not car flipping to be clear). In the 80s MK Ultra was a pretty big thing, it was a covert CIA programme started in the early 1950s, it expanded its remit to research everything from mind control to telepathy, ESP, psychic warfare and “remote viewing” and used children as special agents.

As you can imagine with all the hype and overused Halloween costumes spawning from the show, season one was amazing. However, can the same be said about season two? My answer is I truly don’t know. While watching season one, I was already off the edge of my seat, bawling on the floor, screaming at the TV while covered in popcorn. Conversely, while I watched season 2 (which I had anticipated for over a year) I just well… watched. Some moments were spectacular, yet some were just bland, and honestly, I can’t decide on whether I agree with the statement that it was better than season one.

When I finished the season two, I felt content. I was not clawing at the screen searching for a new episode I was just simply happy. I felt like it was good ending and if the show somehow couldn’t carry on with a new season, I wouldn’t be upset because I am perfectly satisfied with the conclusion. Which, now that bothers me because I shouldn’t be, in my opinion a good TV show should leave me actively involved, rambling continuously to family members about it and eagerly counting down the days until the next episode release.

So, does this mean its over hyped and a let-down? No, it was still great, action packed and entertaining. My criticism is, that they should not try to please the fans too much. Almost every character received a happy ending (except for Bob, justice for Bob he did not deserve that, and while we are at it justice for Barb too #RIP) and while that made me happy for them because I am way too emotionally involved in every single character, I don’t want another season that will likely dismantle all that joy.

To conclude my point because as I always tend to do with TV shows, movies and books, I am rambling. Stranger Things two wasn’t over hyped, it can’t be overhyped because it genuinely is amazing. The acting was outstanding from all cast members, the cinematography was beautiful, and the storyline was incredibly well done. It was just too safe. It felt like at some points a naïve fan girl/boy was writing a happy and fluffy fan fiction about the show, when in reality, things don’t always go so smoothly, for example not every character can be partnered up with a love interest. With this all being said I am ready for season three, I am ready to be heart broken (again), bring it on Duffer brothers.