Ode to Dogs

Dogs. They’re the best. If you tell me otherwise I’d have to disagree.

They’re the most loyal and loving cute companions to have; it makes my day brighten when my dogs try to cheer me up after a dreadful day, by running around the house or giddily barking and growling at me to play with them. Petting dogs makes you more relaxed, making them fundamentally THE best distraction when you’re stressed, I know during my summer exams my dogs were my go-to when I wanted to scream over all the work that had to be done and the stress was piling up.

They’re called “man’s best friend” for a reason you know, acting as guide dogs for the blind and emotional support friends for the nervous. Whenever I see a smiling Samoyed or a cheerful Corgi my heart melts and I instantly think “we don’t deserve dogs”. My own dogs bring so much joy to my life that when I see other doggos, whether on my screen or in person, I like think of the joy they’re bringing to their owners life. If you look after your dog, your dog will look after you – I would say that’s a fair trade!

If you’re reading this article and you have your very own pup, please go and pet your ball of fluff, call them a good boy and give their belly a good rub.