Concern critically concerned about youth’s involvement in the developing world.

On Thursday the 16th of November four students from St. Louis and St. Pauls will come together for a Concern debate on whether or not ‘Young people today are indifferent to the problems of the developing world’. On our own team there is myself, Claire, Aine and our esteemed captain, Matthew. Right now we are running around like headless chickens rushing to get speeches perfected, delivery practiced and coordinating what our main argument is. We are supposed to oppose the motion therefore we need to make a case for the argument that young people are not indifferent to world issues.

I know every debate team thinks this, but I truly do believe we have the better argument however the other team may prove me wrong. The true beauty of the situation is that the other team basically must roast themselves to win. They have to have proof that young people are lazy and couldn’t care less about the developing world. When all they have to do is look at themselves: they are young people a part of a debate team, taking part in concern debates and Concern is a humanitarian organisation. They themselves are involved in promoting conversation about the developing world, I mean the first motion this year was heavily focused on the developing world.

Even in our schools there  examples of young people getting involved all the time. All schools in Northern Ireland are now registered on the Eco-Schools Programme and within our own school St. Louis many students in all year groups are actively involved. Eco-Schools is an international programme of the Foundation for Environmental Education that aims to empower students to be the change our sustainable world needs.

Furthermore St. Louis organizes a jersey day every year with proceeds going to GOAL which aids those in developing countries this year raising over £800. Some young people even get their hands dirty and travel straight to the developing world, past pupils Fiona Cunningham, Niamh McDonald, current Year 14 Emma Cousins and Elizabeth Trail, travelled to India and Romania with Habitat for Humanity and took park in building safe homes and healthy toilets. Not only does this show that young people are aware in the developing world, but they are also involved.

So now we wait until the debate, I am excited as now this will be my second debate this year and I love the thrill you get out of it. All my team can do now is practise our speeches and wait until the clock hits eight.