Hallowe’en Decorations a preparation for Christmas Overkill!

Hectic Over-Decorators Hit Halloween Hard

You see it every year: Creepy skeletons hanging from the windows; Giant spiders running up the walls; Dragons spouting from the mouths of houses!

I’ve never really been extremely impressed by an abundance of Halloween decorations littering a house. Maybe that’s because my house at Halloween usually has a single candle-lit pumpkin by the doorstep – and usually the light inside it has blown out.

I can only imagine the amount of Christmas decorations those houses will be drowning in the day after Halloween is over. But what is the point? I can’t say I’ve ever disliked looking at houses covered in decorations, but the thought of spending all that time to put them up makes me wince.

I guess I don’t see the point in over-decorating your house with zombies in the garden, or ghosts hanging from the trees, because to be completely honest, decorations aren’t at all scary. What’s the point of taking that much effort on decorations to scare people, when nobody is going to get scared? There’s no use trying to persuade me. We both know that decorations aren’t at all frightful. What’s frightful is horror books and films, what’s frightful is a monster coming to life, what’s frightful is real fear that instils the idea that maybe, tonight is my last.

If you can tell me what’s actually frightful about a plastic ghost dangling from a tree, then go ahead. Cover my house in Halloween decorations for all I care! It just amuses me how obsessive we are getting over holidays. Do you even know where Halloween originated? Ireland. Halloween came from Irish, British and French people being so terrified of ghosts and ghouls that they thought putting a candle-lit pumpkin on their doorstep would scare off their vivid-imaginations.

Halloween seems more like a competition now a days. Ever since America started glamourizing it, it almost seems like we’ve become addicted to the competition. America seems very over-the-top when it comes to decorations, and slowly, this ideal of having the best Halloween home has trickled into Irish communities.

I don’t mind, honestly. It doesn’t hurt me in the slightest to snap a picture of an extravagant house design, involving rows of pumpkins, a fake dead man, and a giant bloody shovel lying at the feet of a plastic doll. These things only amuse me. I think that everyone has the right to do whatever they want on Halloween, just don’t overdo yourself to the point where you don’t want to leave the house on the night of Halloween.

After all- the big one is right round the corner and we all want the big man with the beard and the “Ho-ho-ho!” to know exactly where to drop off our presents, so let’s not waste our energy on Hallowe’en- Keep it for Christmas!