My Recipe For Happiness

Six teaspoons of walking Rory,
Mixing up with a wooden spoon of Nicole, Etain and Aisling,
Sprinkle in a dash of sweets, chocolate and one too many ice-creams,
Then add an ounce some lovely birthday cakes,
Mix in well my fav TV show on a Saturday morning,
Roll out some late-nights coming home at twenty past one,
A dash of climbing trees,
Watching the stars in the sky as it cools so nicely,
Then spread the icing of a fireworks,
Last add some sprinkles of family fun,
And then you’re all done. 
– Brin Dundas
An ounce of Longstone`s sea-views,
A bowl full of Camogie
Mix up well
A pinch of Hannah
A sprinkle of Laughter
And into the oven the football goes
With a squeeze of friends and family
Half a cup of sleeping
A large tablespoon of my laptop
A dash of football
Add in some late nights
Pour in days out
Stir in a bit of music too
Whisk it all together and have some fun
That’s my happiness recipe done.

Kelsie Rogers


An ounce of T.V.
A cup of getting changed
A sprinkle of football
A litre of scratching my dog
Half a cup of going to sleep
A table spoon of playing the Playstation
A small cup of going on my quads
500 ml of playing with my brother
Stir in a bit of doing tricks on my bike
A dash of going down the town
Add in some of my friends
Pour In some of my houses view
Add a bowl full of eating my dinner
And to top it all off going home to see my loving family.

 Patrick Doran