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Latest pictures from the Spring Concert – Thursday 2nd April

Spring Concert

On Thursday 2nd April 2009 our school St. Louis Grammar School had a Spring Concert to raise money for the four year 14 pupils who are going to Zambia.

The show was packed with 2 hours of wonderful talent. There was a fashion show, orchestras, singing, rock bands, music from the 50s to the present day, Irish dancing and much more!


The rehearsals were fun as you got to see other performers. When it was my turn to go on the stage (I was in the Junior Choir) I didn’t feel as nervous as there were not many people there. I never realised how many organization is required in getting ready. There were sound checks, dress rehearsals, the tuning of instruments, it was CHAOS!!

 Waiting for my turn

When the night came I started to feel more nervous, you could hear it in my voice when I practised before going on stage but then I realised I needed to relax and enjoy myself. We all waited in the Home Economies room for the concert to start, you could hear the noise from the hall, it sounded like there could be a full house… and there was! The concert was completely sold out. Now everyone knew that we had to give an amazing performance. As time went by we could all see how nervous everyone was. One of the staff members came up to us and told us to go to the back of the stage. We waited behind the stage quietly for a few minutes and then it was our turn. We got partnered off and as I slowly came through the curtains I glanced at all the adults and children, it was packed with people. I took a deep breath, slowly the words streamed out of my mouth…

I had to sing with everyone at the end of the concert. It didn’t take long before I knew it was time, we rushed to the stage. We stood waiting for our queue to go on then everyone gathered around the stage singing the wonderful song “Hero”. It was so beautiful having everyone doing it. The performance was amazing! I wanted to do it again, but I couldn’t

This year’s concert was truly a great experience!

By Robyn O’ Hare  9C   

Here are the latest pictures from the Spring Concert, staged on Thursday 2nd April.