University Interview tips!

Moving On!

As I’m sure you’re all aware, it’s interview season at the universities! I had my first interview of three for Broadcast Journalism last week in Glasgow Caledonian University and, believe me,  it is a nerve-wracking experience.

I’ve put together some tips for anyone looking for help or advice in the run up to your interviews!

  • Find out what form the interview will take: is it a group or individual interview? In many cases it’ll be a one on one interview, but in the case for my interview for Salford next week, it’ll be a group interview.

Some courses may look for you to complete an entrance exam, some of these you cannot study for! If it is for Journalism, look at events that happened over the past year. My current affairs exam asked me to name the typhoon that hit the Philippines in 2013 and who was the founder of Glastonbury Festival!

For more vocational courses like Veterinary or Medicine a good understanding and application of scientific knowledge is key.

Revise for weeks beforehand!

You want to impress them!

  • Prepare!! – Never underestimate the importance of preperation. Although you don’t know the exact questions they will ask you, you can definitely prepare a few sample answers.


  • Many interviews will ask you about information in your personal statement; prehaps what you did exactly during work experience. They may ask you about after-school activities or hobbies you enjoy. It’s important to fully explain every answer and show them that you are suitable for their course.


  • Of course, the question they always ask, “Why do you want to do _____?”. Give a full explanation! This is your chance to show them that you’re fully committed to this course and talk a little about where you would like to end up. For Journalism, I mentioned my love of reading when I was younger and how that eventually led me to creating a hand-made newspaper for my neighbourhood. The University want you to show them that this isn’t just an alternative choice, it’s what you want to do for the rest of your life!


  • If need be, plan a mock interview with a senior teacher. They want you to succeed just as much as you do!


  • Ask questions at the end. I unfortunately forgot the questions I wanted to ask, but now have a few written down! It never hurts to enquire more about the course you’re applying for. It shows your interest and it’ll demonstrate that you’ve done your research about the course. How many holidays you get would not be the best way to impress them with your work ethic.


  • On the day of the interview, remember to get plenty of sleep! I got four hours before mine and I felt exhausted by the time my interview came around, no matter how much caffeine I had!  I had to wake up at half four to get my flight, go to bed early and don’t stay up all night beforehand worrying. It will never go as badly as you think it will!


  • Dress appropriately for the interview. Something that isn’t too formal, but nothing too casual. One guy at mine came in a suit whereas someone else turned up in jeans and a hoodie. You want to show them that you’re mature and although it is superficial, Universities do judge you on how you look – it’s their first impression of you.


  • Try to relax! Take some deep breaths! Just show them what you know, why you’re the perfect candidate for this course. If it doesn’t go well, don’t worry about it too much! Many interviews are used as a way of challenging candidates. Every interview is a new experience, if you do badly in one, ask yourself what went wrong and improve on it for your next one.


  • Be yourself – interviewers want to know about you, not just what tips you’ve read off the internet! (How ironic!)


  • And finally, don’t worry about whether you’re offered a place or not afterwards! Most universities will take a few months to respond. You have done the best you could do, use it as a learning experience. If you’re declined an offer, ask them why. Usually they do give a reason but you can ring up the course director and ask them further in detail. Use it to improve for future interviews!

Remember eye contact and smiling is important!

Good Luck!


– Jessica

6th Form Formal 2013

Friday the 7th September saw the class of 2013 celebrate another successful formal. A great night was had by all, especially when Mr Kirk and Mr Morgan treated the crowd to a spectacular display of Irish dancing.

The student and teacher awards also went down a treat with awards ranging from ‘Biggest Ladies Man’, which went to Ryan Cunningham, to the ‘Mine Is The Only Subject’ award won by Miss McGivern.

Overall, it was a brilliant night and many thanks are owed to Mr Kirk and the formal committee, particularly Hannah Sloane who put in countless hours to make the night the success it was. No doubt the Year 13’s will be looking forward to next year.

St Louis Formal 2010

Girls take on the formal

On the 3rd of September 2010 the teachers of st Louis saw their pupils in a new light. These, once pudgy little 1st years were now stunning young adults dressed to the nines in fabulous dresses…The formal was a brilliant night in which teachers and pupils were certainly able to have the craic outside the classroom. The PowerPoint presentation provided much entertainment for the evening, showing pictures of each student in their younger years with hilarious, anonymous commentary on their present day activities! Then there was the delicious three course meal of soup, steak and chocolate cake, which was greatly enjoyed by all the guests.  Once the meal and the speeches were over the disco began, which saw everyone jump to their feet and run to the dance floor to enjoy hits ranging from “Rock the boat” to YMCA. There was even a dance performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
The formal really was a fantastic way to start our final year in St.Louis; it definitely was a night to remember!

Boys take on the formal!

The formal for most is a time of stress, excitement, anticipation, hair, nails, make-up, fake tan and mayhem…for girls that is. Boys on the other hand take a simple approach to this time of madness with one word “Mummy”!!!
“Mummy here’s a list of stuff I need; shirt, tie, suit (no mad colours) shoes, rose, chocolates etc.”
“P.S If you have any change left out of that fiver I gave you get yourself something nice.”
Seriously though the formal is a fantastic night a highlight of the year so make the most of it when it comes your turn and enjoy.

St Louis Formal

The rain was pouring down on the 5th September but that did not dampen the spirits of year 14. After weeks of preparation and excitement, and many gallons of fake tan and buckets of hair gel, the time had come for the St Louis formal.

The rain was pouring down on the 5th September but that did not dampen the spirits of year 14. After weeks of preparation and excitement, and many gallons of fake tan and buckets of hair gel, the time had come for the St Louis formal.

Much fun was had by all and one of the highlights of the night was a nostalgic look back at what we once were, with the baby photos that were shown, and who we are now, with statements read out which were ‘kindly’ written by our friends who definitely did not put us in our best light.

The evening proceeded with the presentation of awards which was amazingly well organised and only went wrong throughout the whole thing (thanks to Mr Brown for messing it up)! Some of the coveted categories were ‘Best Catchphrase’, rather deservedly won by Mr McKinney and Mr Sloan. And the award for biggest poser? We’ll let you guess which pupil won that one.

After the awards the ‘dancing’ started. All care for expensive dresses left our minds as ‘Rock the boat’ was blasted out of the speakers and teachers and pupils took to the dance floor. S Club 7 turned everyone back into 10 year olds again and surprisingly most remembered the dance routines. As the pupils filed out into the rain for the after formal party it was agreed that a fantastic night was had by all.

Your intrepid 6th form reporter.

Gallery (more to come soon!)