Resolutions are Rubbish? More like Resolutions are Revelations!

Happy New year everyone! (it’s a bit late but with all the new work the new year brings, here at the blogging team we’ve been back into the grind and only now have finally found the time for some much needed writing).

Today I’m responding to an article from one of my fellow bloggers on how New Year’s resolutions are rubbish.
I can’t be the only person who couldn’t disagree more, right?!
To me, New Year is celebrated purely to remind people that time is moving forward. One chapter of the book is closing and new one is ready and waiting to be filled in and read and wondered and explored. Unless you have a really rubbish book, the new chapter is exciting and different! Of course we have bad pages every so often, but the fact is, it’s your choice how you fill it up!

So fill it!

Make good memories, plan things, make goals, learn new skills, dream bigger and accomplish the things you never got to in the horrid old year of 2016!
If it’s a pain for you to drag open the new pages of your book, if you are bored reading the same thing day in, day out- then change it up! No one is going to judge you for deciding you want to take Italian lessons or starting swimming or going to see the newest movie every week, and if they do you can send them my way because why shouldn’t you? It’s not their life.
Accomplishing such changes can be difficult, I get it, but there’s no point in wasting time waiting for it to change either. Therefore, I think that new year’s resolutions are amazing ideas, why even celebrate the coming of a brand new year if you’re just going to keep it the exact same as the last?

With that being said, here are my top 6 new year’s resolutions for 2017-

1) Learn a new skill every month
Personally, I have reached a “pilot mode” in my life where I know how to do what I do, and I just keep doing the same thing to get it done. This is NOT ok. There are so many things I’m not doing right now that I know absolutely nothing about. Not only could they be fun, but they could be smart, savvy and genuinely useful.

What could I learn in the space of a month you ask? Well there’s plenty, even if they’re just tiny.

Learn how to bake a cake, learn how to wash your own clothes, learn how to finally do those algebra questions that keep bugging you in math, even learn how to play the ophicleide?? ANYTHING!

2) Keep a memory jar
I cannot recommend this one enough. Back in 2015 I kept a memory jar and opening it up on New Year’s was such a wonderfully nostalgic experience. When 2016 rolled around, I figured that since I had lots of stuff planned for the year I didn’t need a jar to remind me because I’d have such an incredible year.

Ha! For 1) I don’t think 2016 was a very good year for humanity as whole and 2) there are five hundred twenty-five thousand and six hundred minutes in a year and every single one of them is filled with something completely new- it is guaranteed your going to forget a lot of it.

The basic concept of a memory jar is that every time something makes you laugh till you cry, or someone does something incredibly lovely for you, or something substantial happens in your life, you write it down on a little piece of paper with the date and put it in a jar along with cinema tickets or bus tickets to important places or sweet wrappers that remind you of an adorable day or memory. Then, on New Year’s Eve, you open it up and reminisce before auld acquaintances are forgot and never brought to mind.

3) Keep a journal
I bought myself a journal on the 13th of January because I couldn’t find one that suited me until I came across my little blue leather treasure. This idea is rather like the memory jar, however journaling daily allows you to express yourself on a much larger scale to literally a blank sheet. You can complain about all the things that bug you (because as they say, if you don’t like people talking back to you, buy a journal), you can document ideas and concepts, you can describe daily events and leave yourself goals and lessons for the next day- I even write what music I’m listening to on that day. Personally, I can’t wait to be one of those people who comes back home and finding a big old dusty box of journals so I can see how much I’ve changed throughout the years.

4) Learn a new language
Languages are so important to me- and to everyone else on the planet. Without language learning, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. I study A Level French and adore my lessons. I think it’s so incredibly interesting to learn about where our English words come from when studying European languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and Italian that all get their origins from Latin, as well as the fact that learning new languages makes you more employable and is generally an amazing skill to have as you can connect with people from all around the world. Mainly for that reason, on top of my French, I am also taking lessons in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

It’s true that I’m not exactly fluent in any, but my reading of them is relatively proficient. If you’re considering language learning as a goal, I cannot promote the app Duolingo enough. It’s a free language learning app that offers lessons in so many different languages and you can even compete against your friends. It’s fantastic.
Also, why limit yourself to verbal language? Ever since I watched A Miracle on 34th Street as a child and saw the scene where Santa Claus signs to the little deaf girl, and her face totally illuminates with joy, I have always wanted to learn sign language. It must be so isolated for a deaf person to only have a limited circle of people to communicate with, so I am determined to learn how to talk to someone who doesn’t have the immense privilege of hearing.

5) Create something once a week
In 2016, I greatly struggled with the feeling of unproductiveness. NOT ANYMORE JILL, NOT ANYMORE! In 2017, I am striving to create something new every week, be it a poem, a song, a friendship, a new way of thinking, a new place to store pens.



The list goes on and on and on- just like time, time that is not gonna’ wait for me! This year, I’m going to have something to show for those previously discussed five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes, be it my final grades or the paintings on my wall.

6) Make a new goal every month
Change, as already said, is difficult. A lot of people don’t like it at all. However, I am not like that, or more accurately, I don’t want- under any costs- to be like that. As I said, there is no point in wasting time when it’s going to keep moving forward without you either way, so you have two options- 1) enter into denial over the fact that you do nothing (AKA 2016 Jill), or 2) get up off your butt and try the things you’ve been wanting to try all this time (AKA 2017 pending Jill).

So much can happen in a year that I know every month I’ll discover new things that I want to accomplish, and I most definitely am going to. Instead of limiting to yourself to New Years resolutions, why not have New Months resolutions? I mean, new month, new me??… Right??? Well maybe it’s not as catchy as the original, but it still holds true.

I hope these points are good starters in making your own resolutions.

Remember, no matter how late in the game it is, there’s no time too late for a good ol’ change.

Have a good day 🙂