John Moore’s Comes to St Louis!

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On the 26th of February St Louis welcomed the Liverpool John Moore’s University for a talk with the year 13 students.  The award winning university was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 2005 and now holds more than 24,000 students.  Liverpool John Moore’s university has 1,405 Northern Ireland student enrolments, making it the most popular university for Northern Ireland.

Peter Dolan, a representatives from John Moore’s university, gave a very insightful talk on the courses and activities that Liverpool University has to offer. The university offered badminton, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, netball, rugby league and many more activities to enjoy alongside its academic attractions!  A few of the courses the university had to offer were Art and Design, Astrophysics, Biological Anthropology, Built Environment, Computer Science and Informatics and English etc.

The students also got an insight into what night life Liverpool had to offer such as a range of clubsl and a vibrant night-life, which really caught the student’s attention. All the students were very interested in what the university had to offer and a lot of the students who had not considered it as a university choice may have now changedt their minds!

Peter also spoke about the all expenses paid summer school to the year 13s who are considering studying at John M. Hmm…all expenses paid trip to Liverpool doesn’t sound too bad at all!



Work Experience Week

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My week

Work experience, some people may look at this as a week of picking a place where they don’t need to do that much work and not putting too much thought into it. But this is not the way to go about as you may have an idea “hmm I want to be a nurse” and you may know a slight bit about the job and so this why this week is so crucial! This is giving students a chance to see if their idea of the job they want is the one for them.

For my work experience I went to IFC Media.  They publish a series of magazines and digital content for the international finance industry researching news for daily news briefs and magazine features.

I believe going here really helped me in my future career choice which is, in fact, journalism. It is a case though that you must make sure it is something you want to do as you may only have one chance to go on work experience.  From my work experience I have learnt how a magazine is put together and how much work and time goes into making a magazine. I really enjoyed my work experience. My aunty is the editor and she went through the editorial process of the magazine. I was also given tasks to write blog posts based on different topics which I really enjoyed and found it gave me more confidence in my writing.

So I would advise everyone who is planning their work experience to think long and hard about their placement as you do not want to regret your choice. It may be the case that you don’t know exactly what you want to do but don’t pick something you have absolutely no intentions of doing in the future as this would be a waste of a valuable opportunity and could save you a lot of time later when you have to make choices based on what career you want.

So, to end in a high note, work experience is one of those weeks that really helps you choose the path you want to follow for your future and could be one of your best weeks as you could be having the full experience of your dream job!




St. Louis Boys in Ulster Final win!

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Friday 6th March was the date of the fantastic performance by the school’s senior football team, winning in the Ulster Final 1.7 to 1.4 against Rathmore Grammar.

The buzz from the weekend win has carried through to this week with the upcoming All Ireland semi-final in Kildare on Saturday.

The school’s Twitter page has been alive with positive messages and comments from local teams and supporters of the school,
‘Aughlisnafin GAC – @stlouisgrammar: O’Doherty Champions! #greenandgoldarmy #super’
‘Kevin McAllister – Congratulations @stlouisgrammar – O’Doherty Champions! #greenandgoldarmy #GAA’
‘Warrenpoint GAA – Congrats to @stlouisgrammar on a fantastic win 2nite in the O’Doherty cup! Strong team performance! Great goal from our own Darcy! #champs’

The team itself is delighted with their success and immensely appreciative of the support they have received,
‘St Louis Grammar – After many defeats we are now Champions #proud Thanks to all the players, staff and supporters along the way’

The scene of the St Louis victory on Friday night

And we hope to see a #greenandgoldarmy of students and teachers at the semi-final on Saturday.
Best of luck to the boys!

photo 2

Our champions!


St Louis Welcomes Oxford!

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Students and Representatives for the Oxford Conference hosted by St Louis
St Louis had the pleasure on the 4th of February of welcoming Oxford University representatives as St Louis hosted the Oxford University Conference. A variety of schools within the Newry and Mourne area attended. The schools that attended were St Colman’s College, The Abbey Grammar School, Sacred Heart and of course St Louis Grammar School.

Mrs Kathryn Thompson who represents St Catherine’s college, Oxford gave the students an overview on the world renowned university. The students were fully engaged in listening to what Oxford had to offer our students.
Students were informed about the Oxbridge eight week term and the intensive tutorial system which offers weekly opportunities to engage with a leading academic in their chosen discipline.

The students were particularly interested by the variety of clubs and societies that Oxford had to offer. The activities included the rowing club and of course the world renowned debating society.

To conclude the conference Mrs Thompson wished all of the students well in their forthcoming exams and she relayed that she hoped she had encouraged them to consider Oxford as one of their university options. Mrs Thompson also conveyed that the number of students from the locality has increased over the years.
So fingers crossed the same will be said again next year!


Trinity Talk in KHS!

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Trinity College DublinLast week a group of St. Louis year 13 students (including myself) who are considering studying at Trinity were invited to a talk in the Kilkeel High School organised by the TCD. Two representatives visited us to introduce and tell us a little bit about the new entry rules for students from Northern Ireland.

One of them was a current student of TCD from NI who she told us a little bit about her experience of studying at Trinity, her response was very positive. She told us what it is like to live in Dublin and what is it like studying at Trinity.
For those who don’t know, Trinity is one of the best universities in the Republic of Ireland. It has the highest ranking in Ireland. It got first place in the ROI ranking and 71st place on the world scale. Now this is impressive! Trinity is also well known for high entry demands. It takes a lot of effort for students of Northern Ireland to gain enough points to meet the demands. Pupils would have to keep on 4 A-level subjects and do very well in them all.

However, recently Trinity College Dublin has made certain changes to its admissions policy. Trinity has decided to ‘relax’ Northern Ireland entry rules hoping to increase the amount of NI students. They’re hoping to admit approximately 300 students from Northern Ireland each year as recently the numbers of NI students have dropped. As statistics show only 1 in 8 students do 4 A-levels meaning only 1/8 of all the students in NI had an opportunity to study at TCD.

The good news is that they decided to lower A-level grade requirements. From September 2015, TCD will accept students doing three A-levels with minimum grades of one A and two B’s. They called it the Feasibility Study aiming to find a new way of admitting A-Level applicants from across the EU.

From now on all of the students doing 3 A-levels will have an opportunity to study at Trinity, applicants will be selected on the basis of their 3 A-levels results and will be able to study any of the courses (apart from Medicine) that TCD offers. Each course will have two or three spaces available for students of NI. However if many NI students are considering a particular course, a selection will take place, 2-3 students with the best grades are more likely get the places however if there is more students with the same grades another selection will take place, this time as our visitors said “names will be picked out of the hat”.

However there are few more things to note, smaller courses will only accept two NI students and bigger courses will accept three. Students who don’t get the place by the Feasibility Study can also be eligible for places in the regular way. This means that even though you don’t get a place by the Feasibility Study students doing 4 A-levels can still have a chance of getting a place by simply applying the standard way.
And finally to conclude there are few more things to watch out for.
Trinity does not accept Applied and/or BTEC subjects, for example applied I.C.T. or BTEC Engineering. And unfortunately bad news for students doing A-level General Studies, Media Studies and/or Physical Education, as TCD does not accept any of these subjects either. Another thing Trinity is looking for is a GCSE English Language, Maths and another language(not English). So if you think have all of the entry requirements mentioned above Trinity may be the university for you!

t2 Trinity College Dublin-The Long Room-Old Library


Liam McNeill scores with St Louis Pupils!

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President of the GAA Liam McNeill gave paid a surprised visit to the year 10’s at St Louis Grammar school on Thursday 22nd of January to give a talk about some subjects and matters within the GAA.

Liam spoke to year 10s about the GAA in general and what changes the pupils would like to be made to the GAA. Liam also spoke about how the GAA are trying to introduce a policy where players are trained to be able to speak and interact with each other and they should show respect to each other on and off the pitch.

Liam expressed concerns about the drinking culture of teens in Ireland and explained how the GAA encouraged responsible drinking and even told athletes to  try and avoid it before any upcoming matches they may have.
Pupils told me that he was very helpful as he told them if they ever had a problem with the GAA then they should report it and the matter would hopefully be fixed.

I interviewed a few of the pupils who had attended the talk in which Liam had spoke at and one student said “I really enjoyed the talk Liam gave us, I learnt so much about the GAA that I didn’t know before” another pupil stated that “It was really good that Liam wanted our opinions and tried to take on each of our ideas”.
Well it does seem that Liam has been quite a hit in St Louis and he really has opened the year 10 student’s eyes to the GAA. Liam has made quite an impression on the pupils here at St Louis and the pupils I spoke to said they would be delighted if Liam visited again. I am guessing that St Louis now has a few more GAA fans!



A Frosty Forum at St. Colman’s!

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Forum Group

Once again the students at St. Louis have attended St. Colman’s Annual Politics Forum, and we were not disappointed!

Aside from the snowy start to the day, we managed to battle the elements and arrived at the school with a whole fifteen minutes to spare!

As one of the four schools attending the forum we were sceptical as to whether our questions would be answered or not, but on arrival we were happy to find we were presented with a list of questions to be addressed coming from all schools.

With a guest panel of Margaret Ritchie, Danny Kennedy, Jim Wells and John O’Dowd, and well-known journalist Eamonn Mallie as chairman, things were already off to a lively start!

Students were asked to present their questions when selected off the list and were addressed personally by the MLA targeted. The panel were certainly strong about their views on every matter, with some even sparking heated debates between both themselves and the students, about important issues such as abortion and blood donation restrictions for homosexuals.

That being said, the debates were conducted in good spirit and often the panel had the audience laughing.

Following the forum was a ‘light’ lunch, consisting of sandwiches, cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, tea, coffee, and of course, biscuits.

Will full stomachs and engaged minds we headed back to St. Louis just in time for (a second) lunch!


Options Week!

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Choosing what you want to do for the rest of your life is a hard, scary and often daunting experience for all involved. However, last week for the pupils of St. Louis, the staff made it so that the pupils who would make this decision were fully informed!

Last week, Options Week took place in our school. This is an opportunity for Year 10 and Year 12 pupils to discover the wide variety of options available to them for their all-important GCSE and A-Level years. Teachers gave interesting presentations in order to inspire the pupils to choose their subject. Subjects included ranged from Sociology and Physics to Home Economics and Music Technology, a few examples of the wide variety of subjects on offer.

Teachers explained through presentations what their subjects were, what the pupils would do within these subjects, and how the grades were worked out through the years of study. They also gave guidance as to the careers their subject could lead to.

Year 10 pupils received an options booklet and their option sheet to look at and fill out. The sixth formers got their very own website! http://www.stlouis6thform.com . Those moving into A-Level were also given a prospectus with details of subjects at Post 16.

However, as this is a hard choice for students, and having been through this difficult time myself, I have a list of tips for those struggling to pick what they want to do at A-Level and GCSE.

1)     Don’t pick subjects because you’re friends are doing them. Pick subjects because YOU enjoy them, not just so you can be with your friends.

2)     Don’t pick subjects based on the teachers; from my own experience, I picked a science based on the fact I liked one teacher compared to another, and I regretted my choice. You have to pick subjects based on your interests and what helps you pick a job later!

3)     Pick subjects that YOU ENJOY!

4)     If you’re unsure about the subjects that you’re thinking of choosing, ask the subject teacher! They’re here to give friendly advice on their subjects and tell you what you need to know!

5)     If you’re stuck on choosing a subject that applies to your dream job, ask the careers advisor about what subjects you need to progress to your dream job, after GCSE’s and/or Post-16 Education.

Good Luck!



Anti-bullying Workshop for Senior Prefects

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Anti-Bullying Training For St Louis Seniors
Last Thursday the 20th January, all the senior prefects gathered in C4 to try and get everyone more aware of how to do with bullying!

The man running the programme was called Lee and he has worked with many schools to try and get us pupils to recognise the signs of bullying and how to deal with it. It is we pupils who see what happens in the corridors, not the teachers. I’ve got to say he made a sometimes very uncomfortable topic fun and there was a real atmosphere of trust in the room.

Firstly we had to try and come up with all the different types of bulling for example, physical, social, emotional cyber etc. We were all a bit shocked by how many different types of bullying there is and how much of it takes place without us noticing.
Bullying is the deliberate and repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological behaviour that is harmful and involves the misuse of power by an individual or group towards one or more persons. Bullying occurs everywhere and needs to be stopped. Lee made everyone write a secret down on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope and set it on a seat. He asked us would we mind if he read them and I’m not exaggerating when I say there were a lot of very nervous faces! In the end he promised he would burn them but it just goes to show, the simplest thing in the wrong person’s hands can have the power to really upset someone. I think it’s safe to say that none of us liked being in the victim’s position and we all regretted disclosing our secrets!

Overall, it was a very enlightening process and I am much more aware of how bullying can occur and how to deal with it if the situation arises.

If you do see someone being bullied, don’t take a step back or turn a blind eye. If you think it is a relatively small issue then you can approach it yourself but if ever in doubt tell the designated child protection officer or any teacher for that matter. Even if you do think you can sort if yourself it’s best to make a teacher aware of the situation anyway, you don’t want to put yourself or anyone else in a difficult position!
Stop Bullying Now!


St.Louis Ski Trip 2015

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Skies, snow and slopes, sounds good to me! This is what some of our students spent the week doing in Andorra’s spectacular ski resort. Our annual ski trip took place from the 3rd of January to the 10th and it made to be the best one yet! With stunning views and some not so stunning skiing, this ski trip was one that certainly won’t be forgotten.


The journey began early on Saturday morning and ended late on Saturday night, with many students anxious to get out on the slopes the next morning… After arriving to the breath-taking location in which their hotel was situated, the students just couldn’t wait to get out onto the snow, and that happened soon after. The students were woken up early on the Sunday morning to get fitted for all their equipment and then raced outside to begin skiing! Finally! It seemed to come as a bit of a surprise to some that they wouldn’t actually be professionals first time round and so groups were made of the pros and the… well not pros.


The students soon got to grip with their new ski feet and began to challenge even the pros, and by pros I mean our expert teachers Mr.J.Raffery, Mr.Sloan and Mrs.Colgan! After all of them being many times before I’m sure it’s safe to say that they weren’t modest about their skills! As well as skiing, there was bowling, sledging, a movie night and even a shopping day! There are just some things that the teachers will never be able to match, how to shop until you drop!


Again the school trip didn’t disappoint and I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers that helped to make it happen!



ski group photo ski scenery photo young ski photo teacher ski photo



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