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To quell the inevitable start-of-term blues, the St Louis students of music, drama and art were treated to a bewitching matinee performance of Stephen Schwartz’s hit musical Wicked. The 9th January saw reams of excited students descending upon the cutting-edge Bord Gais Theatre in the heart of Dublin’s bustling docklands.

The Bord Gais itself was a magnificent piece of architecutre, extremely modernist from the outside but decadent with the plush red seats and gold filigree befitting of only the finest of theatres. The St Louis crowd were sat in the Upper Circle (watch out for nosebleeds!) but the seats were perfect for taking in the colossal stage with its glittering set.

From the moment the show started it was obvious that it was going to be spectacular; with catchy hits such as “Popular” and “Defying Gravity” and a plot twist to silence even the most cynical; the audience was spellbound. It truly was a delight to watch, and aided the music, drama and art students in their knowledge of how a stage show works.

After the show, there was a quick stop to the Apple Green for a bite to eat before everyone trundled home, still singing the numbers at the tops of their voices, much to the teachers’ delight…

Thank you to Mrs McDonagh and all the other teachers (Mr Brown, Mrs Cunningham and Miss Keary) who helped organise everything!



St Louis Charity Single

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As I’m sure many of you are aware, the people of the Philippines were hit by Typhoon Haiyan earlier this month. With up to 10,000 said to be dead, homes and schools wiped out, and nearly all roads blocked, everyone is doing what they can to aid those in need. Including us here at St Louis.


Our school has yet again joined forces with SERVE, a charitable organisation committed to tackling poverty. SERVE have close connections to Tacloban, one of the many affected areas in the Philippines. In true St Louis fashion we chose to go down a more musical route and record a charity single in order to raise money for Serve. The single ‘Now I Know’ was written by Mr Brown, his wife Catherine and Mrs McDonagh and truly captures the essence of the cause and how we can help. The track was sung by Sarah Toner, Declan Clarke, Stephan Rafferty, Conall Keaveney and myself, Ciara Leneghan and the St. Louis choir.


The school has been buzzing with the release of the single on the schools youtube page and on Friday the 22nd of November, the senior students of the music technology classes will be paying a visit to Kevin McAllister at Q Radio to have a chat, play a few songs and most importantly raise awareness of the charity single so we can get as many people as possible on board to help the cause! So be sure to tune in!


On behalf of all those involved in the making of the single and the people at SERVE we would like to thank everyone who has donated so far. And if that’s not you, get donating!!!


Check out the video for the single here!





 Just a few of the people involved with the St Louis charity single- Now You Know

From left Mrs McDonagh, Sarah, Mr Loye, Ciara, r Brown, Steven

From left Mrs McDonagh, Sarah, Mr Loye, Ciara, r Brown, Steven


Gatsby Study Day for the Year 13s!

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In order to help the Year 13 English Literature class with their studies of The Great Gatsby (if you’ve only seen the movie, it’s ok, we forgive you!) they were taken to a Gatsby lecture at the beautiful Meet at the Mill theatre in Newtonabbey on Tuesday 12th November.

The building itself was a spectacle; picture an old mill building including the tower, restored and transformed into a set of very modern buildings surrounding a greener-than-green quad, which on the crisp autumn morning was a beautiful sight to see.

The lecture comprised of four sections divided amongst three speakers. Our first (and last) speaker was a jovial American Professor of English at St Mary’s College, who took us through the social and historical context. There were short breaks in between each lecture to let our brains refresh and our hands rest from hurriedly scribbling down notes! The second quarter of the lecture focused on Fitzgerald’s use of setting, where it was implied that the setting of West and East Egg and the Valley of Ashes were actually characters in their own right; very thought provoking stuff!!

At around 12.15pm, we were given an hour to have a spot of lunch and a quick chat to return to the third lecture of the day, which focused on the theme of Appearance and Reality. It was delivered by a professor from Nottingham University, who flew over that very morning just to see us! Our final lecture was given by the first American professor who was introduced to us at the beginning, and he decided to delve into the question of whether Jay Gatsby was a figure of romance or corruption and the ambiguity associated with this enigmatic character.

By the end of the day our notepads were filled to the brim with information galore and a quick stop to McDonalds was definitely needed. I mean, a good old Gatsby lecture is great, but chicken nuggets win…everytime.



Ciara’s Iced Bickies!

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Iced biscuits! In between homework and studying on these gloomy November evenings, why not rustle up some of these delicious iced biscuits? Get a few of your friends around, round up the ingredients and then go as wacky as you like with the icing and decorations!

What do you need?

• 100g unsalted butter, softened at room temperature • 100g caster sugar • 1 free-range egg, lightly beaten • 275g plain flour • 1 tsp vanilla extract • To decorate • 400g/14oz icing sugar • 3-4 tbsp water • 2-3 drops food colourings •

What to do next?

1. Preheat the oven to 190C/375F/Gas 5. Line a baking tray with some greaseproof paper. 2. Cream all the butter and sugar together in a mixing bowl until the mixture is creamy and smooth. 3. Then little by little beat in the egg and vanilla extract. 4. Stir in the flour slowly until the mixture comes together as a dough. 5. Roll the dough out on a lightly floured work surface to a thickness of about 1cm, don’t fuss about getting it exact! 6. Using biscuit cutters, cut biscuits out of the dough and place onto the baking tray. Use your imagination, use as many different kinds of cutters and shapes as you like! 7. Bake the biscuits for 8-10 minutes, or until pale golden-brown. Set aside to harden for 5 minutes, then cool on a wire rack. 8. For the icing, sift the icing sugar into a large mixing bowl and stir in small amounts of water at a time to create a smooth mixture. Then stir in your food colouring. Again, be creative! Go wild with crazy colour and patterns! 9. Spread the icing onto the biscuits using a knife or spoon and set aside until the icing hardens.


Study Skills

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On Thursday the 13th of November both year 13 and 14’s attended a study skills seminar brought to us by ‘Eye4Education’ in preparation for our upcoming exams next year.

The seminar was presented by Darren Nixon, who used his many years in education, enterprise and business to share his knowledge and expertise with us on not only the importance of study, but the right methods of study for you. With a Master’s degree in Education and keen interest in the use of ICT in education, we couldn’t have been in better hands.

Darren spoke about memory skills and the retention of information and we got to grips with the top 10 memory improving tips for studying!

1. Focus on material

2. Utilise mnemonics

3. Elaborate and rehearse

4. Avoid overloading

5. Relate to things you already know

6. Structure and organise

7. Visualise and make notes

8. Keep to a routine

9. Pay extra attention to difficult information

10. Teach someone else

We received helpful advice on good practice models for effective studying such as…

The SQ3R study strategy!

Survey: Look through the assignment.

Question: Turn the headings into questions.

Read: Read to fine answers. 3 Recite: Say the answers out loud.

Review Write notes to answer the questions.

The index card system:

1. Write on each question or term on the back of an index card.

2. On the front of each index card, write an answer or an explanation for the question or term on the back.

3. Shuffle the index cards so you can’t figure out any answers based on their location in the deck. 4. Look at the card on the top of the deck: try to answer the question or explain the term. If you know it, great! Put it on the bottom of the deck. If you don’t know it look at the answer and put it a few cards down in the deck. (so you’ll come back to it soon).

5. Proceed through the deck or cards until you know all of the information.

I’m sure pupils of both year 13 and 14 would agree that this seminar was extremely beneficial and we would like to thank Darren for taking the time out to speak to us and for giving us a better perception of how best to study in relation to the methods which work best and most effectively for you.

“A.I.M HIGHER! ‘ A’ for Achievement; ‘ I’ for Investment in Self; ‘ M’ for Motivation.” -Eye4Education.



Win for St Louis Camogie Team

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This week, the senior camogie team climbed another step on the ladder to victory in the Senior Medallion Shield, by winning their second match of the year vs St Dominic’s of Belfast on the 14th October.


The match was played in Derrylecka (which is just outside Newry for all you foreigners). The St Louis camogs got off to a flying start with team spirit at its highest early in the match Sarah Carvill set up Kelsie Rogers for the opening goal. Sarah Rodgers quickly followed this up with another goal during a goal-line scramble; a vital score they would rely on in the second half. Michaela Murphy took the two pointed frees, helping to keep the St. Louis team ahead before half time, but just before the whistle St. Dominic’s scored late pointed frees leaving the score at half time 2-2 to 0-3 to St. Louis.


As the second half began, tension was mounting- would the girls be able to do all that it took to bring home the win? Luckily, another point was scored by St. Louis from play early on in the second half, but St Dominic’s were eager to prove that they were up for a challenge, scoring points to leave the score at 2-3 to 0-6.


Finally, Sarah Carvill secured the win for the camogs with a final goal right before the final whistle. The girls played well, but “missed numerous opportunities in the second half” as their coach Mr D Kirk stated after the match. Nevertheless, they’re now one step closer to reaching the quarter finals with one last match to determine their fate- but will they step up to the mark and bring the Medallion Shield home?


Keep checking the blog for updates on the girls’ progress!




Viva Italia!

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Last week a group of students as part of the GIFT programme run in Kilkeel flew out to Rome to take part in a four day pilgrimage!

I chatted to Sarah and Kayleigh, two of the pupils who attended, and asked them about the trip.

Upon arrival, the group travelled around Rome on an open-top bus, exploring the many culturally rich attractions that Rome has to offer.  They visited the  Colosseum and walked up the Holy Steps, on their knees!

But don’t think it was just a wee trip out to Rome just for the craic, the students took a tour around the Vatican  and got a glance of Pope Francis I before he sped off in his little ‘Pope-mobile’!

They took time to visit the wonder of the Sistine Chapel as part of the pilgrimage and appreciate the fine art-work done by the very famous painter, Michelangelo in the fourteenth century!

And as they wandered around one of the most romantic cities in the world, dusk began to fall and, feeling rather peckish, did they order some traditional pasta? Or maybe some of the world famous pizza Rome has to offer?


“We went to McDonald’s and played Monopoloy” said Sarah.

And there we have it, the whole experience in a nutshell.



Some Spooktacular Recipes for Hallowe’en

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Check out this link to some fantastic recipes for any Hallowe’en parties you might be going to or even if you just need a break in between studying and relaxing over half term.




At Long Last- The Formal Photos!

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Katie’s Monday Morning Guide

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Monday mornings


A Monday morning is the part of the week that we all dread the most! With the lack of sleep on a Sunday night due to leaving everything to the last minute, again! It may seem hard to keep your eyes open during those dreaded morning lessons but not anymore!


Below are five tips to stay awake and keep a happy face throughout your Monday!


  • Have a bath or a shower on Sunday night or even better Monday morning! It will refresh you for the day to come and you feel the best and most awake possible.


  • Get a goodnight’s sleep- as obvious as it may seem we don’t function well without sleep so send yourself to bed after the X-Factor and be fully refreshed for what Monday has to offer you!


  • Pack your bag on Sunday night- what you don’t want is to be rushing around on a Monday morning because you can’t find a shoe, a sock or a book. Prevent this by preparing everything the night before!


  • Plan something fun to do after school on a Monday- give yourself something to look forward to after the day is over. For example: you could plan to go shopping, watch a film or maybe go for a nap. Personally I catch up on television shows I have missed during the week!


  • Lastly, before you enter school take a few deep breaths, put on a brave face and try and smile! I can almost guarantee everyone including me feels exactly like you. Please try not to yawn because it’s so contagious as is smiling and smiling is the one that will make everyone feel better- before long you will have everyone doing it too.

Remember it’s only four more days to the weekend from Monday so hang in there we can make it through!

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